Connexus® School Management System

Connexus Home PageWhether you’re turning to Connections Learning for one online course or an entire virtual school program of your own, our Connexus digital learning platform powers your solution. No need to shop for a separate Education Management System—our built-in platform delivers content, tracks academic performance, and facilitates communication while your students learn.

Robust, Reliable, and Ready for Class

Educators sometimes worry that more online instruction means more chance of downtime—or worse yet, data loss. With Connections Learning’s solid technology infrastructure and robust Connexus platform, you can put those worries aside. Our solutions are hosted in our secure data facility, where redundant power and data backup systems, trained tech support staff, and round-the-clock building security ensure class is always “in session” and your students’ data are always safe.

User-Friendly for Your School Community

The technology behind Connections Learning solutions is designed to be invisible to your students and indispensable to your staff so the focus stays on learning. Designed for maximum data visualization, Connexus features easy navigation, eye-popping dashboards including charts and graphs, chunked content, communication tools and more to make you more effective, and learning easier and more manageable for students. Connexus also meets WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards, and its responsive design is ideal for mobile devices so you can keep learning on the go.

Looking for a Learning Management System to Call Your Own?

If online and blended learning are playing an ever-greater role in your school or district, you may want your own cutting-edge digital learning platform to deliver content from multiple sources while capturing all the student performance data you’ll ever need. Custom-designed for K–12 education and much more than an LMS, Connexus could be your 21st century learning platform. Learn more about Connexus.

More about Our Technology:

Connexus is…

  • Provided in an Application Service Provider (ASP) model to eliminate the need for separate hosting and associated costs.
  • Highly scalable to allow your school to grow and deploy selected elements as needed.
  • Virtualized at the hardware layer to maximize user performance at all times.
  • Designed for integration with legacy computer systems, leveraging your prior technology investments.
  • Supported by a team of trained hardware and software specialists to simplify implementation and daily operations for your staff.

Our Experts Say...

“Connexus was designed for our own virtual public schools. We were dissatisfied with ‘off-the-shelf’ tools available, so we invested in creating a single system capable of managing every aspect of our schools – from powering content delivery and planning lessons to grading, tracking and analyzing student performance. It’s become the digital backbone of our schools, tested and lauded by students, teachers, and administrators. Knowing firsthand the tools schools need and the limited choices available, we’re pleased to offer Connexus to educators who face the same challenges.”

-Marc Guerrasio, Chief Technology Officer
Connections Education, Maryland