Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Connexus® a Learning Management System (LMS)–or something more?

The Connexus platform is much more than an LMS. While it contains the features typically found in LMS software, it also contains features found in other products, such as a Student Information System, a Virtual Learning Environment and a School Management System. Connexus® combines all the functionality needed to manage a single course or an entire school.

Can Connexus deliver courses that we have developed?

Yes, the Connexus platform can import content created by external applications and can also integrate with other LMS’s to provide a seamless experience for your student.

How does Connexus integrate with our school’s Student Information System?

Connexus has capabilities that allow it to exchange data with a variety of SIS systems such as PowerSchool, Chancery, Infinite Campus and many others.

What kinds of reports can I generate with Connexus?

The Connexus platform allows you to create reports about everything from course metrics to teacher performance to student attendance via its customizable Extended Data and Data View functionalities. Extended Data and Data Views provide an Excel®– like scripting language which allows you to customize your data exports extensively.

What staffing and technology are required on-site at our school to accommodate a hybrid program?

Depending on the kind of hybrid program you want, your school will need to provide mentors to guide students through their courses, or partner– teachers to collaborate with our online teachers. You will also need to provide a physical location and technology for students to do their work– for example, a computer-equipped classroom or a computer lab. 

How much time do students spend on the computer?

The amount of time a student spends on the computer varies by grade. Younger students spend approximately 10%, middle school students spend about 30%, and high school students spend about 50% of their time working on the computer.

What computer skills do Connections Learning students, Site Coordinators and/or Class Mentors need?

Students, Site Coordinators and/or Class Mentors do not need advanced computer skills to complete Connections Learning courses. We make it easy to become completely familiar with our system by providing orientation courses.