Teachers Who Succeed Online

teachers trainingFor students to succeed in the virtual classroom, you need teachers trained to excel as online educators. You need Connections Learning teachers.

Developing Leaders in the Virtual Classroom

At Connections Learning by Pearson, we recruit dedicated teachers who are excited about using technology to help students learn. Then we train them extensively in techniques proven to help students succeed online—from customizing the curriculum for the individual student to using the latest tools to instruct and engage the entire class.

Our teacher professional development and support program includes:

  • More than 20 hours of in-person and online training in our curriculum, Connexus® digital learning platform, online learning techniques, and virtual classroom management.
  • Ongoing mentorship from one of our experienced Connections Learning teachers.
  • Specialized iSafe® training in best practices for using online curriculum, ensuring student Internet safety, and addressing cyber-bullying.
  • A dedicated teacher hotline and support team to immediately address questions about curriculum, Connexus, or technology.
  • A peer network of more than 750 Connections Learning teachers who share resources, tips, and strategies in the latest online education practices.

Focusing Effectively on the Individual Student

Throughout our teacher professional development program, we emphasize customizing instruction to meet the needs of the individual student. Every Connections Learning teacher is well-versed in our Personalized Performance Learning® approach, a dynamic process for evaluating each student's strengths and needs and adapting instruction to those needs.

Students succeed thanks to great teachers. Our teachers succeed thanks to excellent training and ongoing support. Your school succeeds with teachers dedicated to providing your students with the best possible online education.

Training Your Teachers as Online Educators . . .

We also offer training to help your teachers become effective online educators, expanding your school’s options. Contact us at 866-842-7428 for information.

Approved Online Professional Development Course for TxVSN Instructors

Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced the implementation of critical functions of Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN), which includes professional development for teaching online.