Frequently Asked Questions

teacher helping student

Who teaches Connections Learning online learning solutions?

When you choose one of our teacher-led solutions, your students will be taught by a Connections Learning certified teacher specially trained to expertly deliver your program and bring out the best in your students. Our teachers stay in close touch with your Classroom Mentor and our Program Manager to ensure your students’ success.

Are your teachers certified in our state?

All Connections Learning teachers are licensed, certified, and trained as online teachers. Many hold multi-state certification. Our courses are taught by teachers in compliance with each state’s law.

How much interaction do the students have with the teachers?

Each course has an assigned teacher that will be with the student throughout the length of the course. Teachers are available by phone, email, and in many cases real-time LiveLesson® sessions. In addition, our Student Support Line puts live teachers at students’ and administrators’ fingertips to answer specific questions in core curriculum areas.

Can we use our own teachers to teach your online courses? Can you train them?

Yes, although we do recommend using Connections Learning teachers who have been extensively trained in effective online teaching techniques, the Connections Learning curriculum, and our Personalized Performance Learning®approach. If using your own teachers is a priority for you, we will train them through our professional development program for a reasonable fee. Contact us for more information.