Supporting Your Students 

At Every Step

online stundent supportAt Connections Learning by Pearson, we help students succeed by making support accessible at each crucial step in the online learning process.

Connections Learning supports your students from the very first day of class with a grade-appropriate orientation to Connexus®, our digital learning platform. Then, throughout the term, we’ll provide all the instructional and technical support your students need to master their subjects and thrive in an online environment.

Expert Classroom Instruction—Individualized Support

When you choose one of our teacher-led online solutions, your students receive both individualized attention and classroom instruction from a certified teacher who is a subject-matter expert. Trained extensively in online learning techniques, our teachers:

Our teachers become part of your school— instructing, encouraging, and supporting your students.

On-Demand Help with Lessons

When your students need a curriculum answer now, our Student Support Line is there to help. For a quick explanation of a concept or clarification of a text passage, students simply click a link in their Connexus menu to connect with a live online teacher. The Student Support Line keeps your learners from getting stuck in the curriculum and eases the burden on your on-site staff.

Experienced, Ongoing Technical Support

Our Baltimore-based, full-time technical support team is experienced in working with student users at all levels of technical proficiency and academic achievement.  Expert in computer technology and our Connexus digital learning platform, they’ll answer your students’ concerns promptly and respectfully—via email, phone, and help desk. Your students will also have 24/7 access to online tips, tools, and tutorials on using Connexus, searching our Virtual Library, and much more.