Site Coordinator Support

Empowering Your Classroom Mentors and Site Coordinators

site coordinatorWhen your students participate in a Connections Learning online course or program, we help make sure that your-onsite team is well-prepared to do its part as well. We provide continuous support and training to the Site Coordinator you assign to facilitate our online solutions at your school and the Classroom Mentor(s) you assign to provide hands-on classroom supervision.   

We ensure your on-site team gets the support they need with: specialized training in using Connexus®, our digital learning platform; regularly scheduled meetings to discuss student progress; and monthly reports on student progress and grades.

With a dedicated Program Manager assigned as your team’s single point of contact at Connections Learning by Pearson, your Site Coordinator and Classroom Mentor get prompt assistance with one phone call or email—whether their question is technical, academic, or administrative.

Curious About What Your School Needs To Provide? We've developed a Roles and Responsibilities guide for you, as well as the support you can expect from us.

Educators Say...

"The staff and administration at Connection Learning are part of our team. They listen to our needs, suggestions, and questions and follow up with solutions that work. Working with the Connection Learning teachers, who are only an email or phone call away, has been a positive learning and collaboration experience."

–Melanie Elliott, Teacher
  Integrated Learning Center, Special Education Dept, Bainbridge High School, Washington