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Supporting Your School’s
Online Learning

Efficient Enrollment

Your account team makes enrolling your students simple. They’ll guide your staff through each step of the process to get your students onboard and ready to go when classes begin.

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Student Support

From expert instruction by certified teachers trained in online instruction to technical assistance from our technology team, your students get the help they need to master the subject matter and thrive in the virtual classroom.

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Technical Support

Our full-time technical support team helps you keep the focus on education—promptly troubleshooting any technical problems, answering questions by phone and email, and hosting your online solution in a secure, professionally-maintained environment.

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Customer Care

The Program Manager assigned to your school provides a single point of contact to ensure Connections Learning is meeting your students’ needs and your expectations.

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Mentor and Site Coordinator Support

When your students participate in a Connections Learning online course or program we provide specialized training for both your Site Coordinator, the staff member you designate to facilitate online learning, and for your students’ on-site Mentors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to many of your questions on our FAQs page.


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