Frequently Asked Questions

support staff

Does Connections Learning provide support services with all of its solutions for schools?

Yes. All the support services described here are included with each Connections Learning solution at no additional charge with the exception of the Teacher Professional Development Program for non-Connections Learning teachers.

Connections Learning support staff will be interacting with our students and staff. Have those staff members undergone background checks?

Yes, all Connections Learning staff undergo thorough criminal background checks and employment history verification. We have a rigorous hiring process that ensures our staff members are both well-qualified and trustworthy.

The Classroom Mentors our school assigns to the Connections Learning courses may not be tech-savvy. Is that a problem and how will you support them?

While your Classroom Mentors need to be comfortable accessing the Internet and using web content, they don’t need to be computer whizzes. We provide specialized training for your Classroom Mentors and Site Coordinators as well as ongoing support. We also ensure that your team always knows who to contact for help at Connections Learning.

Are Classroom Mentors expected to teach any of the material?  Do they need to be teachers?

No. When you choose one of our teacher-led solutions, our certified teachers provide the instruction. Your Classroom Mentor may be a paraprofessional who assists the online teacher by maintaining order in the on-site classroom and ensuring the students’ on-site environment is a productive one. As part of our training for your Classroom Mentors and Site Coordinator, we’ll cover how Connexus® works so your staff can help students with the basic tasks they need to navigate the system.

In terms of technical support, how can your staff help us use our existing technology with your solutions?

Our Connexus digital learning platform is designed specifically to work with legacy computer systems so schools don’t have to invest additional funds to be compatible. If you have equipment with the minimum configurations we’ve outlined, you’re ready to use our system. However, if you do encounter problems, our full-time technical staff can help resolve them. They are proficient in a wide-range of computer systems and expert in Connexus.

We want our students and staff to stay focused on the subject matter, not technology issues. How do you ensure that?

Our full-time technical staff operates a help desk from 9 a.m.– 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Your after-hours messages and emails are answered promptly the next business day. Our tech staff also uses remote diagnostic tools to “see” what’s happening in your classroom and resolve problems quickly, avoiding lengthy phone calls describing those problems.

Does your technical staff know how to help student users effectively?

The “proof” of our support is in our stats. Our Connexus system has an outstanding uptime of 99.9% thanks to the reliability of its design and our full-time support staff. To-date, our tech support has kept class in session for more than 60,000 students enrolled in over 700,000 courses. Our tech staff knows how to keep systems running and how to communicate with student users who have differing degrees of technical proficiency.