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Flexible for Your Students, Affordable for Your School

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Your district can offer an innovative summer school option this year that allows your students to stay engaged academically while still enjoying the freedom of summer. Our suite of solutions help schools and districts offer online summer school programs that address students’ needs, adapt to family vacation schedules, and help protect district budgets.

With Connections Learning, you can leverage our turnkey services, including highly-qualified teachers, to run a virtual program. Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Targeted Courses, Designed for Impact

Drawing from our standards-aligned and public school-tested curriculum, we offer a targeted selection of the most in-demand summer school courses:

  • High School Original Credit Courses encourage high school students to satisfy graduation requirements, explore their interests, or accelerate their academic progress.
  • High School Credit Recovery Courses ensure students earn the credits to move forward and acquire the skills to succeed.
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) Courses help your high school students explore and further develop interests and earn credits at the same time. From Business to Criminal Justice to Psychology, our CTE courses can help turn curiosities into careers. 
  • Educational Technology Courses for students in K–8 combines essential reading and math skills with technology instruction, making learning fun and relevant for today’s tech-savvy student.
  • NCAA Eligible Courses are available for high school students seeking original credit or credits necessary for graduation. Important restrictions apply.

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In Your Classrooms or Your Students’ Living Rooms

Online Summer School is accessible and secure from any location with an Internet connection. So your students can learn in your classrooms, in their homes, or on vacation.

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