Your Own Virtual School

Making It a Reality

Students on computersWhen you construct a new school building, you need a blueprint that specifies every pipe, wall, and blackboard. When you launch a virtual school, you need a blueprint in which every technology, curriculum, and staffing detail has been carefully thought out and tested.

Used by more than 20 full-time, tuition-free virtual schools operating across the nation, our Virtual School solution gives you a proven, adaptable blueprint for starting and operating your own successful virtual school.

The Pillars for Your Virtual School

Developed over the last decade by educators, curriculum specialists, and technology experts, Connections Learning’s Virtual School solution includes every element you need for successful online learning.

Our standards-aligned, K–12 curriculum includes hundreds of courses that combine:

Our certified, specially trained teachers lead the virtual classroom by:

Our Connexus® digital learning platform provides the technology backbone that powers the entire school, including:

  • The virtual classroom where students and teachers work together.
  • The Learning Management System (LMS) where teachers plan curriculum and track progress, students submit their work, and teachers, parents, and Learning Coaches monitor progress.
  • The Student Information System (SIS) where administrators access up-to-the-minute data on student performance and teacher effectiveness.
  • The Content Management System that delivers cutting-edge curriculum and resources to your students.
  • The online community where students collaborate on projects, teachers share ideas, and administrators keep their fingers on the pulse of the school.

Success for Your Students

Connections Academy schools have a proven track record working with and for students across the academic spectrum. Our schools regularly meet or exceed state benchmarks in core subjects. Our AP® students outscore the national average on AP tests. And more than 96% of Connections Academy parents agree that our curriculum is high quality.