Online Courses

Hundreds of Standards-Aligned, Teacher-Led Courses

Mother and son at computerStudents’ needs are expanding. Available resources are not. Education leaders across the country are seeking innovative ways to meet those needs while stretching limited resources. More and more they are turning to online courses.

An established leader in online education, Connections Learning by Pearson offers hundreds of proven, standards-aligned courses that can help you expand your course options without breaking your school’s budget.

A Full Range of Course Options for Your School

Whether you need a single reading course to help struggling first-graders or Advanced Placement® options for high-achieving twelfth-graders, Connections Learning by Pearson offers an array of K–12 courses for students across the academic spectrum. Each course is designed as a turnkey solution featuring:

  • A certified, licensed teacher trained in online learning techniques.
  • An engaging course design combining real-time instruction, resources from leading education partners, customized lesson plans, and interactive learning tools.
  • Connexus™, our state-of-the-art digital learning platform.

Measurable Gains and Flexibility for Your Students

With individualized support from our licensed teachers, students make measurable progress. Schools using our teacher-led curriculum regularly meet or exceed state standards in core subjects. Our Advanced Placement students outscore the national average on the AP tests.

With online courses, your students gain the flexibility to learn anywhere there’s an Internet connection—maximizing their schedules and your classroom space.

Expert Support—In and beyond the classroom

At Connections Learning, online does not mean “on your own.” A certified teacher leads the course and plans the lessons. A dedicated program manager provides a single point of contact for all your questions. Our highly trained technical staff promptly addresses technology questions—from parents, teachers, or administrators. Our curriculum specialists continuously update and improve our curriculum to meet and exceed best practices. Working with your assigned classroom mentors and parents/learning coaches, we make sure your students are on-track and engaged.


Educators Say...

“I have been a high school teacher and administrator for almost 20 years, and have been using online learning management and course delivery systems throughout my career.  I served as the chair of a district-wide committee charged with researching and adopting an online system that would serve as the foundation of a state-wide K–12th grade virtual school. Suffice it to say that our committee found that Connections Learning is the most effective and comprehensive digital education program available to educators today. Connections Learning features highly qualified teachers, rigorous curriculum, engaging instruction, valid assessments, and has the experience and customer service necessary to support all levels of users. Connections Learning is the true realization of everything that ‘online education’ is supposed to be.”

–James Rooks, Vice Principal
  Jackson Hole High School, Teton County School District #1, Wyoming

More than 70% of US school districts say they need online learning to meet the needs of specific groups of students and to offer AP or college-level courses. (Source: The Sloan Consortium, K–12 Online Learning: A 2008 Follow-up of the Survey of U.S. School District Administration (January 2009))