Connexus® School Management System

Educator helping studentsEffective online learning systems enable your teachers to plan your curriculum, conduct online classes, and track student progress. Affordable systems provide a platform that’s reliable, user-friendly, and compatible with your school’s existing computer environment. Connexus® gives you all these features and more.

Tools to Power a Single Program or an Entire School

ConnexusCombining a Learning Management System (LMS), Content Management System (CMS), and student information system (SIS) with a full communications suite and asset management system, the Connexus digital learning platform can power your virtual classrooms or provide an all-in-one tool for managing your entire school. Easy-to-use, user-specific menus make it simple:

  • With a few clicks of the mouse, your student joins a real-time classroom discussion, submits homework assignments, reads iTexts, studies online lessons and tutorials, or does research in our Virtual Library.
  • With a few taps in the “teachers-only” menu, teachers plan lessons, grade assignments, post grades to the grade book, and modify lessons plans based on up-to-the-minute student results.
  • Your school administrator or principal “sees” it all with a single system that captures every data point in the learning chain.

With a single phone call or e-mail, your IT team gets access to Connections Learning’s tech support staff members who resolve any questions or problems promptly and professionally.

Designed Exclusively for K–12 Education

Connexus was designed by educators and technology experts specifically to support K–12 instruction and administration. Used by more than 60,000 full-time public school students in Connections Academy schools across the country to-date, Connexus has been continuously refined and improved to give teachers, students, and school leaders the tools they need to make online learning effective and affordable.

Our Experts Say...

“Connexus was designed for our own virtual public schools. We were dissatisfied with ‘off-the-shelf’ tools available, so we invested in creating a single system capable of managing every aspect of our schools – from powering content delivery and planning lessons to grading, tracking and analyzing student performance. It’s become the digital backbone of our schools, tested and lauded by students, teachers, and administrators. Knowing firsthand the tools schools need and the limited choices available, we’re pleased to offer Connexus to educators who face the same challenges.”

-Marc Guerrasio, Chief Technology Officer
 Connections Education, Maryland