Homebound Instruction

Keeping Students On-Track, Effectively and Affordably

Dad with young son on laptopAt Connections Learning by Pearson, we know the challenges hospitalized or medically homebound students face— the doctors’ appointments, treatment schedules, the emotional and physical ups and downs. We also know the challenges educators face in effectively reaching and teaching homebound students spanning every grade and achievement level. Our Homebound Student Solutions are designed specifically to keep your homebound students on-track, effectively and affordably.

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Staying on Track: Individualized, Competency-Based Learning.

Connections Academy schools have helped thousands of homebound students at our virtual schools across the country. Using the same Personalized Performance Learning Process ™, we assess each student and develop an individualized learning plan with input from teachers, administrators, counselors, and caregivers. From that clear starting point, our specially trained and licensed online teachers:

  • Give your student intensive instructional support to master core subject areas—online, offline, and at an individualized pace.
  • Work with your school, the parents, and caregivers, continually adjusting the learning plan to help your student reach his/her goals.
  • Get to know your student, offering encouragement as well as expert instruction.

Staying Connected: The Student Experience

Parents and educators understandably worry not only about the homebound student’s academic progress, but about isolation from friends and classmates. Our Homebound Student Solutions surpass the traditional visiting teacher model by providing:

  • LiveLesson® technology that connects homebound students with teachers and classmates in a vibrant, real-time classroom.
  • Secure WebMail® and message boards that encourage collaboration and communication with other students.
  • A Virtual Library that connects students to a world of resources beyond the classroom and the hospital.
  • Online clubs that allow students to pursue interests from chess to robotics with like-minded students.

Educators Say... 

"Connections Learning has been of invaluable assistance to our students who are unable to attend a brick and mortar school. The online curriculum has helped our elementary and middle school students stay on track with their cohorts and it has helped our high school students gain credits towards graduation."

–Mickey Burgess, Dean of Instruction
  HISD Community Services, Houston Independent School District, Texas