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Improving Student Outcomes with Virtual Learning

Virtual learning can offer a variety of benefits to districts as well as students. Watch this on-demand web seminar to learn about recent virtual learning trends, how to overcome common challenges, and keys to using this resource to provide new learning opportunities for your students. (District Administration originally aired October 21, 2015)

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How Online Learning Jump Starts College/Career Readiness

Online learning is emerging in schools to foster the development of more personalized programs of study and help students gain a head start on college or a career. Watch this video to learn how districts are expanding their AP menus, lining up portable college credits, leveraging dual enrollment opportunities, and offering CTE for today's economy. (Originally aired September 28, 2014)

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Arts Alive! Creating a Robust Arts Program for Your School Through Online/Blended Learning 

For districts and schools around the country, innovative online/blended learning programs featuring quality arts electives have been music to their ears. Through technology, they are able to offer students more choice and nurture their love of the arts and music despite budget cuts and staffing shortages. What do online arts courses look like? Why are they a viable option for your district or school? Mickey Revenaugh, Eric Combs (Music and Performing Arts Curriculum Development Specialist), Tabitha Lee (Visual and Performing Arts Academy Specialist), and Justin Myrick (a student of the Visual and Performing Arts Academy) explore how quality online courses and technology is being used to grow arts programs in virtual and blended environments across the country. (Originally aired July 16, 2014)

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Advancing Education Innovation: Competency-Based Learning

Susan Patrick, The President and CEO of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL), explores Competency Education systems and innovations at the classroom, school, district, state and federal levels. Watch the video to learn about the essentials of Competency-Based Learning, design elements for pedagogical shifts in assessments, curriculum and technology and access free reports. (Originally aired April 28, 2014)

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The Blended Learning "Coach": A New Role in Education

Mickey Revenaugh, Alex Lown, Success Coach at Nexus Academy of Lansing, and Kayleigh Weeks, Success Coach at Nexus Academy of Cleveland, discuss how the blended learning coach works with students, teachers, counselors and parents to personalize learning every day. (Originally aired February 19, 2014)

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Online Summer School: Flexible and Cost-Effective Ideas for your District 

Join host Mickey Revenaugh, Executive Vice President of Connections Learning, and special guest speakers, Gloria L. Keaton. Instructional Coordinator at Prince George's County Public Schools, Dr. Kristie Clements, Director of Student Services Course Sales for Connections Learning, and Stacey Wood, Digital Product Manager, to learn how to provide your students with more options and get the results you want through online summer school. (Originally aired December 18, 2013)

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How Should We Measure Quality in Online Learning? A Conversation with iNACOL's Quality Project

Join David Edwards, co-author of the “Measuring Quality From Inputs to Outcomes” report from iNACOL (the International Association for K-12 Online Learning) about the quality metrics recommended for online schools and other virtual programs. (Originally aired November 20, 2013)

The "DIY College" and What it Means to K-12 Education

Is the traditional university model going the way of the album in a "create-your-own-playlist" world? Let's explore what it means when a high schooler can accumulate enough college credits through AP, online dual enrollment, and portable courses to knock years off a degree before setting foot on a college campus. (Originally aired October 16, 2013). 

To Flip or Not to Flip

Join Mickey Revenaugh, Executive Vice President of Connections Learning and Kari Arfstrom, executive Director of the Flipped Learning Network, as they discuss when flipping a class is appropriate, and when it is not, and how to flip your class effectively. (Originally aired September 18, 2013). 

How I Use Data to Personalize Learning in my Blended Learning Classroom. 

Join Mickey Revenaugh, Executive Vice President of Connections Learning, and special guest speakers Erin Bello, Teacher at Somerset High School; Janae Cardel, Teacher at Commonwealth Connections Academy; and Lindsay Penny, Teacher at Nexus Academy of Lansing, as they discuss their own personal approaches to using data to differentiate instruction and individualize education for their students in very diverse school settings. (Originally aired August 21, 2013)

Michael Horn presents Is K-12 Blended Learning Disruptive?

Join Michael B. Horn, co-author and co-founder and Executive Director of Education at The Clayton Christensen Institute (formerly Innosight Institute) as he discusses his new report, Is K-12 Blended Learning Disruptive? Mr. Horn will analyze blended learning through the lens of disruptive innovation theory to help people anticipate and plan for the likely effects of blended learning on the classrooms of today and schools of tomorrow.

Small Districts, Big District Innovations

Mickey Revenaugh, Executive Vice President of Connections Learning, and special guest speakers Dr. Rob Hudson, Superintendent at Alpaugh Unified School District; and Dr. Marjorie Miles, Superintendent at Somerset County Public Schools discuss how virtual and blended learning can help you ensure access to college-ready curriculum, compensate for teacher shortages in critical areas, cover Common Core curriculum, and stretch budget resources. They also give you tips on how to overcome common challenges and barriers when adopting online learning. (Originally aired May 15, 2013)

Blended Learning Innovations for Your School District - Part 2

Are you eager to implement blended learning across your district or school, but nervous about the implementation challenges you may face as an early adopter in a limited-resource environment? Hear from two district innovators, Shannon Fisher, Director and Mark Templin, Principal, of the Andover eCademy (Kansas); and Seith Bedard, Director, Peabody Learning Academy (Massachusetts), who are already blending differentiated instruction and online resources. Learn how their approach to blended learning is increasing student engagement and improved learning outcomes across the district. (Originally aired April 17, 2013).

Blended Learning Innovations for Your School District - Part 1

Please join Mickey Revenaugh, Executive Vice President of Connections Learning and special guest speakers, Dr. Sylvia Dies, Administrative Director of the Division of Instructional Technology at Miami-Dade County Public Schools, home of iPrep and Steven Chai, Administrator for New Covenant Academy as they discuss how they made the switch to blended learning. (Originally aired March 20, 2013)

Quality in Online Education: Lessons from Innovators in Digital Learning

Special guest speakers Barbara Dreyer, Chief Executive Officer for Connections Education, and Pam Birtolo, Chief Officer of Education Transformation for Florida Virtual School, join moderator Mickey Revenaugh to discuss how online education will help your students enjoy greater academic success. (Originally aired February 20, 2013)

Online Summer School: Flexible and Cost-Effective Ideas for Your District

Join host Mickey Revenaugh, Executive Vice President of Connections Learning and special guest speaker, Dr. Kristie Clements, Director of Student Services Course Sales for Connections Learning, discuss turnkey solutions to a flexible and cost-effective online summer school program. (Originally aired January 16, 2013)

Homebound and In-Treatment Online Programs: A Prescription for Quality Education

Join host Mickey Revenaugh and special guest speakers, TJ McCray, Senior Manager of School Programs for Connections Learning and Samantha Rosenthal, Campus Curriculum Integration Technologist with HISD, as they address ways to effectively reach and teach hospitalized and in-treatment students in your district. (Originally aired December 19, 2012)

Keeping Pace 2012: The Latest Trends in Online Education

Join host Mickey Revenaugh and guest speakers John Watson, founder of the Evergreen Education Group and responsible for producing Keeping Pace, and Amy Murin, Lead Researcher for the Evergreen Education Group, as they discuss the latest findings, trends, laws, and policies from the Keeping Pace 2012 report. (Originally aired November 13, 2012)

Teletherapy: Affordable Quality for Your School

Join host Mickey Revenaugh, Executive Vice President of Connections Learning and special guests, Dan Miller, LiveSpeech Program Manager for Connections Learning, Barbara Svensen, Director of Special Education, Scio School District and Adrienne Johnson, Speech-Language Pathologist with Connections Learning, as they address the speech/language challenges students face and how 21st century teletherapy tools and techniques overcome these barriers. (Originally aired October 17, 2012)

Common Core Standards - A 2012 Progress Report

Please join us for our webinar, Common Core Standards - A 2012 Progress Report, with host Mickey Revenaugh, Executive Vice President of Connections Learning, featuring Doug Levin, Executive Director of the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), as they look into the Common Core and how it relates to technology and communication. (Originally aired July 18th, 2012)


K-12 Education and The Federal Government

Join host Mikcey Revenaugh, along with Pat Laystrom, Senior Vice President of State Relations for Connections Academy and our guest speaker, Susan Patrick, president and CEO of iNACOL, as they discuss what is going on in the world of digital and charter schooling. (Originally aired June 27th, 2012)

Developing Great Online Curriculum 

Join our guest Mike Wilmeth with his special guest, Dr. Patricia Hoge, Senior Vice President Curriculum and Instruction and Chief Academic Officer for Connections Academy, for an in-depth discussion about best practices in designing effective online curriculum. New interactive learning teachlets will be shared as well!  (Originally aired May 16th, 2012)


Many Uses of Online Learning: 50 Great Ideas in 60 Minutes

Join host Mickey Revenaugh and our guest speaker, John Watson , founder of the Evergreen Education Group, as they discuss innovative ways of how online learning is transforming K-12 education.

(Originally aired April 18, 2012)

Beyond Credit Recovery: Re-engaging the Whole Scholar

Join host Mickey Revenaugh, Executive Vice President at Connections Learning, with special guest Dawn Thorton, Assistant Director of Blended Programs for Connections Learning, and Dallas Bell, Schools Program Manager for FAM Academy of Michigan, for a unique look at credit recovery programs. The webinar will address the following questions:

  • Why do students become 'disengaged" in high school?
  • What are some of the latest tools for helping to determine where these students are, what they need and what options can deliver the greatest impact?
  • How does today's administrator bring together the right resources to re-engage and recover the whole student?

(Originally aired March 14th, 2012)




Online Summer School: High Quality, Affordable Options

Join Kristie Clements, Assistant Director for Part-time Student Services at Connections Learning and special guests, Joe Cozart, Associate Director of Strategic Planning for the Georgia Virtual GAVS (GAVS) and Dr Matt Waymack, administrator at Gwinnett Online Campus, for an in-depth discussion - including answering your questions!

  • Increase student retention and graduations rates
  • Deliver high quality, affordable options for your students and faculty
  • Allow you to offer a broader selection of courses

 (Originally aired February 22nd, 2012)



Learning Management Systems: How to Select the Best Solution for Your Needs

Join Mickey Revenaugh, Senior Vice President for Connections Learning along with our very special guest Hannah Rinehart, Assistant Principal at Florida Virtual School, and Bryon Brown, principal consultant at the Gilfus Education Group - for a lively discussion that will provide you with the following insights:

  • How to select the best LMS for your short- and long-term needs
  • Best practices for successfully implementing new LMS
  • Case studies addressing long-term operational success

(Originally aired: January 18th, 2012)



 21st Century Instruction: Affordable, Effective Solutions

Learn how you can enhance your STEM program with Open Education Resources (OER), online and blended learning along with other valuable tips and best practices.  Join special guests Amy Michalowskii (Manager of Educational Initiatives for Virtual High School) and Holly Atwell (Executive Director of Educational Services for Connections Learning) along with Mickey Revenaugh (Executive Vice President for Connections Learning) for an in-depth discussion.  (Originally Aired December 14th, 2011)


The Critical Path to Starting Your Own Virtual School

Learn best practices for successfully starting a virtual school.  Hosted by Mickey Revenged , Executive Vice President for Connections Learning, with special guest Rob Darrow, retired principal of the Clovis Online School, a full time online charter school serving students in grades 9-12 in Fresno County. He is now advising colleges and school districts about implementing online learning programs.

(Originally aired: November 16, 2011)

How Teletherapy is Transforming Speech Therapy in School Systems

Learn how teletherapy is providing students with a high quality experience while providing schools and districts with a more affordable option.  (Originally aired: November 3rd, 2011)

Blended Learning Case Studies: How Brick and Mortar Schools are Taking Advantage of Online Learning Options

Learn how blended learning is being used to provide students with a more effective learning experience. Our special guest speakers include Michael B. Horn, co-founder and Executive Director, Innosight Institute, and coauthor of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns and Gloria Keaton, Instructional Coordinator with the Office of Alternative Programs in Prince George's County Public School will speak about ACCESS Online - a blended program that opened its doors in September, 2010.  (Originally aired October 19th, 2011)


A Prescription for Cost-Effectively Serving Homebound and In-Treatment Students

Learn how the Houston Independent School District Community Services Program put the power of digital learning to work and now provides homebound, hospital and in-treatment students with a higher quality, more engaging learning experience—within current budget constraints.  (Originally Aired: September 28th, 2011)


Harnessing the 10 Elements of High—Quality Digital Learning for Your School District

Learn first-hand about the new nationwide policy push toward digital learning—and how your district can move ahead of the curve. Practical insights from thought-leaders and district innovators, plus 10 cost-effective things you can do NOW to embrace to the digital future. (Originally Aired: March 30, 2011)