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Customer Testimonials

Young students raising their hands in classroom“Virtual education affords us the opportunity to craft distinctive learning experiences and environments for students who are better suited to non-traditional learning. We are confident that our new hybrid virtual high school will help our students achieve academic and social success and are very pleased to be working with such a highly regarded organization as Connections Learning.”

–Dr. Bonita Coleman-Potter
Deputy Superintendent for Prince George’s County Public Schools, Maryland

“I have been a high school teacher and administrator for almost 20 years, and have been using online learning management and course delivery systems throughout my career. I served as the chair of a district-wide committee charged with researching and adopting an online system that would serve as the foundation of a state-wide K-12th grade virtual school. Suffice it to say that our committee found that Connections Learning is the most effective and comprehensive digital education program available to educators today. Connections Learning features highly qualified teachers, rigorous curriculum, engaging instruction, valid assessments, and has the experience and customer service necessary to support all levels of users. Connections Learning is the true realization of everything that ‘online education’ is supposed to be.”

–James Rooks, Vice Principal
Jackson Hole High School, Teton County School District #1, Wyoming

“Connections Learning is a win-win for my student’s academic level and allowing me to use my skills as a teacher to create specially designed instruction pertinent to the individual student’s learning style and needs. Connections Learning makes the cake and I, as the teacher, frost and decorate it to the specific occasion.

The staff and administration at Connection Learning are part of our team. They listen to our needs, suggestions, and questions and follow up with solutions that work. Working with the Connection Learning teachers, who are only an email or phone call away, has been a positive learning and collaboration experience

As a secondary special education teacher, modifying the work in the general education classroom took most of my time, now I can concentrate on my student’s daily work, needs and successes. Hmm . . . paperwork or working with the student . . . which would any teacher choose?”

–Melanie Elliott, Teacher, Integrated Learning Center, Special Education Dept
Bainbridge High School, Washington

“Most credit recovery programs fail to re-teach the students and simply have them do paper/pencil work. Connections Learning is very different: My students are expected to master the work and they have online teachers who really want to help them get there.”

–TJ McCray, School Programs Manager
Connections Academy, Houston, Texas

"In the 21st Century, “It is so important in this day and age for our students to be proficient typists, no matter what they are studying. No more hunt and peck! With Kto8, the keyboarding lessons are very game-like, so our students are very happy to keep practicing at school and at home until they master the skills. Small schools like mine can really benefit from the Kto8 curriculum – and our kids will really love it!”

–Jean Suttie, Principal
St. Patrick’s School, a K-8 school of just under 150 students in Sparta, Wisconsin

"Connections Academy has been of invaluable assistance to our students who are unable to attend a brick and mortar school. The online curriculum has helped our elementary and middle school students stay on track with their cohorts and it has helped our high school students gain credits towards graduation."

Mickey Burgess, Dean of Instruction
HISD Community Services, Houston Independent School District, Texas

"As a special and regular education teacher, I have come to really appreciate the many resources that Connections Learning provides with each of its course lessons. Not only do the students have daily access to their online teachers, they also have videos, interactive slide presentations, discussion boards, activities and readings to assist them with learning the relevant course materials. This has been beneficial to the variety of learning styles that are present in all classrooms."

–Natasha Mallone, Teacher
HISD Community Services, Houston Independent School District, Texas