About Us

About Us

Connections Learning, a division of Connections Education LLC, was founded to bring the proven power of digital learning to your students. 

Our History

Connections Academy, a division of Connections Education LLC, was founded in 2001 by educators and innovators who recognized the power of online learning to transform K–12 education. With a team of talented curriculum specialists, programmers, graphic designers, and fellow educators, Connections Academy created a multi-dimensional curriculum of hundreds of K–12 courses, along with a powerful digital learning platform and instructional protocols designed to engage today’s tech-centric student. In partnership with expert teachers and dedicated administrators, Connections Academy launched more than a dozen successful virtual public schools, bringing quality online education directly to the doors of more than 60,000 students to-date.

As Connections Academy's reputation grew nationally and student results soared, fellow educators began requesting customized solutions for their brick and mortar schools, asking:  

  • Can we buy your curriculum by the course? 
  • Can you help us better serve our homebound and hospitalized students? 
  • Can your digital learning platform work in a brick-and-mortar school?

With the launch of Connections Learning in January 2011, the answer is now Yes, Yes and Yes. We can help your school or district meet those needs and many more.

Connections Learning is “virtual learning for the rest of us”. Leveraging Connections Education's resources, expertise, and proven results, Connections Learning offers affordable, quality online education customized to your school, your students. 

Call Us

Whatever challenges your school or district is facing–unique student needs, academic performance issues, budget challenges and more–the chances are good that digital learning can help. Find out how by giving Connections Learning a call at 888-440-2890.

Join Us!

Are you interested in a job at Connections Learning? Please take a look at our current openings and if you are interested, apply online. We are looking for hard-working, dedicated individuals to join our team. If you have questions, send an e-mail to careers@connectionseducation.com. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.